Hello World~! Glad you stopped by.... My name is Mickey, some call me...Mickey the Muse ..."Peace"~! "What are we about here"? Well, we are all about having some F-U-N~! We love hanging out with our friends...and wearing bright colours (and yes folks....that's how we spell color here in Canada) and we love laughter.....lots and lots of laughter~! They say "Laughter" is the BEST medicine..... Well then that's what we are going to take....in LARGE doses if you please....lol I've been a Medical Marijuana consumer for many years now and as the world develops and as laws and attitudes are finally changing and people are starting to see what a wonderful herb "Cannabis" really is... There are plenty of good websites out there that will help you with your medical queries, this website is dedicated to lighting and brighting up your world by bringing you fun games that you can use to distract from your pain and help you through your day. We are starting off with a game called "The Original 420 Memory Game"...designed to keep you "in stitches" and sharpen your mind like a surgeon's scalpel...lol RECOMMENDED DOSAGE: Play at least once per day if not with a friend then try the "solitaire" rules....if you get a "Grand Slam" you can treat yourself to a "big bowl". Keep coming back and checking for new games and new content....we are just getting started here and man are we swamped with things to do so PLEASE PLEASE be patient (no pun intended) and...hey~! Drop us a line - tell us what you think - "Weed love to hear from you" (pun definitely intended)... Oh and don't forget to pick up one of our games or something else like a T-shirt or whatever else we end up hocking here...Anyway....Have a GREAT DAY but don't just go to "great" and then give up~!